Commercial and Industrial Concrete

Angelle Has Reach. We’ve Got Portable Concrete Plants.

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As the only company in the area to offer mobile concrete plants,  Angelle Materials can go wherever your project demands. Offering both wet and dry batch capabilities, our convenient on-site plants ensure timely and cost-effective delivery, adherence to job-specific mix designs, and consistent quality every time.

Servicing Your Commercial & Industrial Needs

  • High-quality, fresh concrete
  • On-time, cost-effective delivery
  • Strict adherence to job-specific mix designs
  • Consistent quality
  • Ability to adjust concrete production as needed

Commercial and industrial projects can present complex challenges, including unique logistical, scheduling, quality, and safety requirements. With Angelle's unwavering commitment to detail and safe work we are always up to these challenges.

We take the time to fully understand the complexity of your project and put a team in place ready to address all your jobs' requirements. From renovation and restoration projects to new construction and expansion work we have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to do the job right.

As the only custom concrete company in the Baton Rouge area to offer front-load discharge trucks, portable plants, and a full-time safety professional, we're uniquely qualified to tackle any industrial project regardless of size, scope, or location.



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