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St. Tammany Parish Using Green Construction Methods - Friday, April 4, 2014
As part of the construction process on Haas Road in Slidell, St. Tammany Parish is using a new environmentally friendly type of soil-cement.  The joint decision was made by the St. Tammany Departments of Engineering and Public Works to use this material as a method of road construction which was more environmentally conscious, especially considering the proximity of homes to the project. 

The increased road longevity levels out the slight increase in the initial construction costs. 

Usually, a dry powder is put down as part of the road base building process, which, as anyone who has driven through a road construction zone knows, creates dust which gets all over the cars and everything else.

On Haas Road, a wet cement slurry is being utilized, which eliminates the dust.  This Dust Free "Super Slurry” method of reclaiming and repaving parish roads has both environmental and recycling benefits.  The slurry allows for greater coverage and delivery distance of the product.  The end result is also a stronger base for the road, which results in less permeability and greater structural strength.  

Bottom line: the cement used in the project is used more efficiently, which ends up benefiting both homeowners nearby and the environment.  The company providing the material is out of Baton Rouge: Cement Slurry of Louisiana, a Division of Angelle Materials. 

The contractor for the project is Leon Lowe and Sons.  By consistently trying to utilize new technologies as they arise, St. Tammany Parish is attempting to maintain an environmentally friendly approach to all types of work, even road construction.


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