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How NRMCA Driver Training Can Help Your Business - Tuesday, April 26, 2016
To have drivers with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) Concrete Delivery Certification is a great feat any business in the concrete industry should be proud of, and for a good reason.

The NRMCA certification program is the only driver certification program tailored to the specific needs of the ready mix concrete industry. It recognizes that drivers are much more than short-haul, commercially licensed drivers, and should be trained accordingly.

Certification means a driver went above and beyond, as the program includes training and testing thatís specifically tied to the driverís function within the company, and more. It takes a complete picture of the customerís needs to provide a framework within which mixer drivers can be more efficient and productive members of the team.

Better Drivers

Driving a mixer truck is more complicated than driving a typical short-haul vehicle. Workers are driving a 60,000 pound truck with a rotating drum full of concrete on highways, winding roads, and residential avenues.

Industry-specific training beyond the standard commercial driverís license (CDL) is a step toward ensuring the safety of your team, equipment, and pedestrians.

Better Team Members

As mentioned prior, the program synthesizes much more than driving. By taking a holistic approach, the certification program creates drivers who are fully trained and certified in every facet of the business. This includes a thorough knowledge of the product, a solid understanding of the companyís responsibility toward environmental stewardship, and sufficient know-how when it comes to efficiently executing pre- and post-trip duties.

Increased Customer Confidence

Whether or not clients know about the details of the NRMCA, seeing that your drivers have this certification lets customers know they can trust your business, and that you take every aspect of the job seriously. It shows them that they can expect the best from you, that youíll be detailed every step of the way, and that youíre committed to giving them the best experience possible.

Safety Promotion

Promoting safety always works in a businessí favor. It not only helps employees and customers have confidence in the business, but shows that youíre taking care of your employees and job sites.

Safety problems not only result in potentially serious injuries, but can also be costly for your businessí reputation, creating chaos with deadlines and monetary expenses.

Get the Most Out of Your Team

Knowing that your drivers, good as they may be, have completed the NRMCA Certification Program can help you feel secure that your team is not only doing their job right, but that theyíre also experts in all necessary duties. The certification ensures that when your eyes canít be on every part of the job, someone with a deep knowledge of the task at hand, and the ability to spot issues before they happen, is present.

To get started with training, all drivers must hold their CDL, have a 12-month clean driving record, poured over 3000 CY of concrete, and have at least one year of driving with their company.

The benefits of this certification are great, and some companies have reported reduced insurance risks once their drivers completed the program. By helping your team get the NRMCA certification, youíll help their career, your business, and the companyís reputation.

Angelle Materials currently has 15 NRMCA drivers, with the goal of achieving 100% driver certification for all of their concrete mixer truck driving team members. If youíd like to learn more, give Angelle Materials a call today.


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