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Get The Right Bids Your Commercial Concrete Contractor - Thursday, May 12, 2016

It can be a challenge for many industrial, commercial, and residential concrete and concrete buyers to obtain fair quotes from contractors. Below are some tips to follow to ensure that you receive the best quote possible.

Understand how pricing works

If you understand where the contractor gets his numbers from, you’ll be better able to determine whether his estimate is reasonable. To start to determine a price, the contractor will need to approximate the amount of concrete needed when planning the job. Before getting a quote, you’ll have to show him around the property and specify which areas need paving. If you’re creating a driveway, for example, the contractor will survey the area, draw up plans, and determine how much concrete is needed based on the length and width of the space. The contractor will also need to add up additional expenses, such as permits and insurance. Once all of this is totaled, the contractor will add on the profit margin and give you a final price.

Ask your contractor for an itemized bid

As mentioned above, there are various different expenses that the contractor will need to consider. Ask each contractor you receive a bid from to outline what specifically the money you spend will be put towards. For example, there should be separate prices for the amount of concrete needed, the insurance, and etc. Without an itemized bid, you could be taken advantage of by contractors adding in extra money for no specific expense.

Ask for a fixed bid

Instead of presenting a fixed bid, a contractor may provide you with a bid that is not set in stone, but instead dependent on how long certain jobs take or how many materials they require. You’ll want to avoid this if possible, as steep increases from the original price can occur. With a fixed bid, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying, from the beginning.

Research the company

Be sure to do some research on any contractor that you receive a quote from. Obviously, favorable reviews online suggest that the contractor is more trustworthy and will be likely to do a good job without ripping you off. In addition, if the company often works in your community and has a good reputation, they’re more likely to act fairly towards you — they’ll want to maintain their reputation and get more jobs in your town.

Angelle Materials recognizes the challenges that come with getting the right bid for your construction job, so we do everything we can to provide you with the fairest quote possible. To easily request a project bid, click here, and feel free to include any questions or concerns you may have.


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