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Front Discharge Mixer Trucks - Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Concrete is clearly the lynchpin of modern construction. Whether itís our roads, bridges, or sidewalks, concrete is vital to a cityís foundation and basic architecture.

Consequently, most anything that saves time and money in the concrete industry is a great idea, and great ideas are often deceptively simple. This is definitely the case with front discharge mixer trucks.

front discharge mixer trucks

Opposed to conventional mixer trucks, which discharge from the back, front discharge mixer trucks deliver concrete at an unparalleled value. They offer a wide range of advantages, savings, and efficiencies over traditional mixers.

Cost Savings

The cost savings with front discharge mixer trucks are significant. With the ability to pull forward into job sites, front discharge mixers let drivers enter the site quickly and efficiently. In addition, drivers donít need a backup guide outside the truck to help direct them into the site or stop traffic while the load-in takes place.

The front discharge mixer allows you to avoid renting a pump truck or a Georgia Buggie in most cases. As long as the truck has access to the site and can maneuver itself around the poured area, there is no need for renting other equipment.

Furthermore, with greater visibility for the driver, all operations for the discharge chute can be managed from inside the cab. The driver controls water addition, chute position, and concrete discharge, right from the driverís seat, with an improved view of the worksite.

The 23-foot chute ó 11 feet longer than a standard chute ó helps reduce the amount of work time thatís typically lost to frequently repositioning the truck. The chute also has a full 186 degree swing, ensuring that drivers get the most out of the chuteís length. With a wider range of motion, the truck can reach more places from its original location. Greater Maneuverability

The trucks are designed with an eye toward maneuverability, using conventional mixers to their advantage. With a short wheel base and all-wheel drive, front discharge mixers provide increased mobility on and off the road.

Easy Access to Difficult Locations

The features of front discharge mixers offer more than just cost savings. A concrete-mixer driver knows better than anyone that not every job is going to be in a perfect, easy-to-access space. The ability to drive forward into worksites allows trucks to get in and out of the tough positions some jobs will inevitably require.

The extra-long chute also allows for concrete to be dispersed widely and deeply into hard to reach sites. For jobs like this, access to difficult spaces can save time and money.

Increased Safety for Everyone

Allowing drivers to pull forward into job sites increases visibility and prioritizes safety for everyone. It helps drivers get a closer look at their surroundings, and also prevents them from having to perform difficult maneuvers on public roads while backing their way into a worksite.

Angelle Materials has been in the industry for over 70 years. It is the only company in the market with a fleet of front discharge mixer trucks, and a crew of NRMCA Concrete Delivery Professional drivers available for every job. The fleet dispatches from seven concrete batch plants on both sides of the Mississippi River, covering the entirety of the greater Baton Rouge region.

The differences between conventional mixer trucks and front discharge mixer trucks is simple, but significant. Increased safety, efficiency, and cost savings are enough to show that the features of a front discharge mixer truck can make all the difference. If youíre ready to learn more, or want to make an order, give the professionals at Angelle Materials a call today and request a bid.


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