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6 Projects Perfect For Integrally Colored Concrete - Friday, February 5, 2016

At Angelle, we look at every project as something special. From ready-mix to custom concrete foundations, we view everything we do as a craft worth perfecting. Itís why weíre always looking ahead and finding ways to improve.

colored concrete pathway

Being Baton Rougeís premier color concrete supplier is a responsibility that we take pride in. Every time we produce color concrete for our clients, it is an opportunity to create an attention-grabbing architectural feature. Colored concrete can make any space feel designed and laid out in a noticeable, but subtle way that will last decades.

Our integral colored concrete system is not like the bagged color you may have used before. Our system involves a liquid pigmentation that is added to the concrete, then mixed throughout the drum (much like the process when you purchase paint at the store). Our industrial, commercial and residential buyers find this gives them a more even color with every load they buy.

Here are six places where color concrete can make a statement for your upcoming project.

1. Parks

Nothing complements the natural beauty of a park like spectacular surfaces. Our custom concrete walkways make a space like this feel distinguished and give park visitors the sense that they are in a comfortable, communal space. Angelle has completed several common areas in downtown Baton Rouge near the courthouse for a great view of the finished product.

2. Patios

Colored concrete can be used to make a stunning back patio. There is a wide range of colors to choose from that can easily make your patio look like brick, tile floors or even wood.

3. Pool Decks

A colored concrete pool deck can replicate the colors of natural stone or other materials. Light beige and white are popular colors that recall the look and feel of a sandy beach. Plus, they reflect the sunís rays, making the poolside surface easy on the feet. Colorful concrete pool decks are a great way to make the swimming area look like something straight out of a glossy magazine.

4. Floors

Concrete floors can likewise take on a voice and style of their own when given a tint. Itís the kind of small touch that make a room stand out subtly.

5. Retaining Walls

Retaining walls typically arenít thought of as a beautiful landscaping feature so much as a necessity. But a retaining wall built of colored concrete can be part of a beautifully-planned architectural and landscaping plan. You can achieve deep-relief walls with textures and colors that mimic stone or masonry.

6. Driveways

Driveways are a classic choice for colored concrete. It can look great in any context, but long driveways particularly gain a touch of elegance when finished this way. Multiple colors can be used to enhance your driveway.

No matter where you choose to put colored concrete, Angelle can help. We have a deep understanding of the process, integral color and how to make sure that every batch meets the highest standards of consistency and pigment saturation.

Our quality control team will work with you and your employees to ensure your project specs are met. We use Hydrotint® integral liquid pigments, especially formulated for colored concrete. This means we can ensure that every batch comes out perfectly to the specs of your individualized project.


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