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5 Reasons to Use Cement Slurry - Thursday, January 21, 2016

People often ask us what cement slurry is or, more particularly, what our SuperSlurry is, and why they should use it.

Developed by TXI, SuperSlurry is a revolutionary, liquefied cement with many benefits. There are countless reasons why we use it and why it is superior to more traditional cements.

Here are a five reasons to use cement slurry on your next project.

1. Less Dust

SuperSlurry is virtually dust-free when laid. There’s good cause to be happy about that. For one, cement dust can be a safety concern, particularly for the personnel laying the cement. Breathing that in can be extremely harmful to your lungs.

The lack of dust also means less clean up, and it lowers the potential for damage to equipment and construction materials around the area the cement will be laid.

2. Big Savings

There are a lot of ways that using slurry saves you money. For one, SuperSlurry comes pre-mixed, meaning that there’s almost never a need for a water truck on-site, saving you costs up front, before you even get started.

The application process is also much faster and easier, meaning that the job is done more efficiently, saving you labor and rental costs, depending on the scope of your project.

3. Full Depth Reclamation

When a project needs SuperSlurry to be laid over an existing project —road repairs are a great example of this —the existing materials can be reclaimed with full depth reclamation (FDR).

The broken cement can be pulverized and added to the SuperSlurry. That means less hauling of material, less new material used, lots of cost savings and the process can reduce CO2 emissions up to 90%. In a project where FDR is possible, SuperSlurry is a very environmentally-friendly option.

4. Maximized Strength

SuperSlurry maximizes the cement particle distribution. That may sound a bit like "industry-speak,” but the truth is that slurry creates uncontested consistency and strength. The patented process helps bond soil particles, decreasing permeability and creating incredible strength through compression. Slurry adds structural strength to the project and makes for a much more even and reliable cement mix.

You can see test results with hard data proving that our cement slurry is more structurally sound than other cements like Portland cement..

5. Installation Ease

With SuperSlurry, we are able to lay cement in tight spaces with minimal impact on the immediate environment, whether that’s avoiding the need to drive more trucks into busy or sensitive areas, or avoiding costly moves of other machinery.

With the cement production happening at our facilities, we are able to take on projects that might be needlessly complicated otherwise. Slurry makes it easy to execute cement projects in tight or awkward spaces.


SuperSlurry is a great option for your next project for these reasons and many others. Angelle Materials is the only company in the region who offers SuperSlurry as an option. Give us a call to learn more and see if SuperSlurry is right for your soil stabilization project.


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