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3 Reasons Why Angelle is Baton Rouge's Top Commercial Concrete Supplier - Tuesday, April 26, 2016
There are many factors to consider before hiring a concrete contractor. Truthfully, thatís probably just one item on a laundry list of to-dos for your project. You need reliable service that allows you to focus on things other than what your Concrete Supplier should provide.

Thatís why itís worth knowing about the Concrete Supplier options in the greater Baton Rouge area, and taking in the advice of other business owners and contractors in the region.

Angelle Materials has established a reputation as an ultra-reliable supplier of high-quality concrete across Baton Rouge. Here are just three of many reasons that top companies have chosen Angelle as their primary concrete supplier.

1. Concrete of the Highest Quality

With seven batch plants strategically located on both sides of the Mississippi River plus two portable batch plants, Angelle takes pride in providing top-quality Concrete that can be relied on by any contractor.

When they offered a testimonial, the Concrete contractors at Brewer Construction Group noted, "Angelle Concrete offers the best quality Concrete mix by far.Ē

Constantly monitoring the quality of the Concrete is a team of in-house ACI-certified technicians that are consistently testing and ensuring that all Concrete heading out of our batch plants is top-of-the-line. Having certified technicians in-house also means that we are able to meet any specification and ensure consistency in the mix.

For even greater quality control, Angelle owns and operates an aggregate production facility as well as a cement distribution terminal on the west bank of the Mississippi, allowing for complete oversight of the Concrete and raw materials at every level of production.

2. Customer Service

Customer service is what Angelle prides itself most on. Our fleet of 27 trucks, 23 of which are front-discharge, and seven batch plants are there to guarantee that Angelleís Concrete is easily accessible to any customer.

With a full-time safety manager and dedicated sales team, a priority is made of making every customer comfortable with the process and satisfied with the results.

"From phone calls to us, trips to the job location, and accommodating us with the forever-changing weather, they are on top of it,Ē Brewer says in their testimonial. "Never have we had a Concrete company be so attentive to us.Ē

Additionally, the size of our mixer fleet and unmatched plant footprint allows Angelle to scale easily. Whether youíre looking for a small slab or are building a new apartment complex, Angelle has the tools for the job. No job is too big or too small.

3. Options

With a wide variety of services provided, Angelle allows you to do your project exactly the way you or your client wants it to be done. We are more than just Concrete. We also offer cement, slurry and aggregate.

This was a part of the allure for St. Tammany Parish, who decided to pursue environmentally friendly options on one of their road construction projects. Angelle was able to accommodate them. Using cement slurry in the road reclamation process, St. Tammany Parish was able to provide a clean work area for its neighborhood and meet its sustainability goals.

"The increased road longevity levels out the slight increase in the initial construction costs,Ē the Parish said afterward. There are trade-offs any time you make a decision, but Angelleís flexibility and wealth of options gave St. Tammany Parish the ability to do their project the way they wanted.

Itís time to discover for yourself why Angelle has become Baton Rougeís top commercial Concrete Supplier. Get in touch today.


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