About Us

At Angelle we understand that you’re looking for more than just concrete.

We realize that your projects are more than just houses, office buildings, roads, and bridges. They’re about families, jobs, and communities. They’re about your commitments to clients, your relationships with partners, and your integrity in the industry. That’s why we reach beyond just providing concrete and construction materials.

We’ve spent the last 70 years building Angelle into the partner that you’ve come to expect. A partner who believes in quality, safety, sustainability, and community involvement. A partner who believes in building long-lasting customer relationships.

We’ve built our company with your success in mind, extending our reach so that you can extend yours. We take pride in being the only regional company to offer you:
  • Front-discharge trucks, providing easier access to difficult locations, greater maneuverability, and cost savings
  • Portable concrete plants with both wet and dry batch capabilities to address your large and remote projects
  • Smart Concrete, a Bluetooth sensor and smart phone app that provides Contractors with real-time maturity results by measuring in-place concrete strength
  • SuperSlurry™, a revolutionary dust-free cement slurry product licensed from TXI, enabling you to utilize cement in areas previously not possible with dry cement
  • Company-owned cement trucks with the best spread drivers in the region, guaranteeing that we will always have trucks available for your scheduled project

Add to this our seven strategically located batch plants, in-house quality control team with American Concrete Institute-certified testing technicians, and full-time safety manager and you’ve got a full-service partner that can take on any challenge. You’ve got a partner who truly cares.



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